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The freedom to be who you are.

Freedom from working means freedom to stay home and be with children or pets. It means a better life that's free from the kind of stress that the work place propagates. Think of how you feel after a couple of weeks off vs a couple of days dealing with the problems of your job. It's healthier for you. You will live longer. I'm talking about a life with real estate photography. You get a day off when you feel like it.

Conveying the soul of a house or a property is a talent that adds around 46 percent to the final sale price. The average job a Real Estate photographer makes on a job is just under $500.00. So, with just a little effort this is a very lucrative way to make a living.

Here at we give you the tools necessary to be successful and live a good life. Meet us halfway. Join the website and give it your best. Passing the exam takes a little studying but you can do it. We offer the lowest fees of any service. When you join, you are a member for life. Feel free to contact me at any time for help. My email is Thank you.

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