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If you like photography, take the next step.

Aerial Photography is the next big thing. “Flying drones part-time can earn you $500 or $600 a week, and by flying full-time, you can make six-figures annually. Flying for big name companies can net you $3,500 a day.” So bearing that in mind, this is a good decision.

Drone Photography is a huge field spanning multiple industries. This website was made to help you pass a specific test that you will need to pass to become a professional UAV pilot, which is required for you to be employed in this field. The test is more about airplanes, airports and weather than it is about UAVs (drones).

To learn about actually flying UAVs you should look to websites like this:

To see an actual job in real estate sales that uses a UAV, watch these videos:

Hopefully now you have some idea what the end goal is like  and what we are vs what we are not.

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