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How Much Should I Charge for Real Estate Services?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Pricing: Some people charge by the square foot. They charge a percentage of the square foot like 6 to 10 cents per square foot. Other people have package pricing. With this method the price is set by measuring the specific size (square feet) of a house. They sometimes define add on services or have all services included in the price. Still other people set out things as separate surcharge. For instance aerials are tacked on to photos, or videos are tacked on to photos. Videos, photos and aerials are broken out separately on the invoice. They can all have separate pricing.

You have to take into account the time you are spending to do the work for the project to avoid undercharging,

One good tactic is to cold call a few competitors. Ask the cost to do a specific size of house. Do this for a few different house sizes and locations.

Set your pricing up as tiers. Base tier for photos is $145 for a house under 2,300 square feet. This generally includes 30 photos with aerials. This only includes the house and no other buildings not located on the house’s property.

Increase the price by $25 per every 500 feet over 2,300 square feet up to 3,500 square feet.

Give price breaks to frequent customers. For a house that is 6,500 square feet, use a 3 times rule. This is approximately 90 images for $145 x3 or $435. This is because this kind of job requires more time. These are base prices mainly for photography.

When adding video have a basic tier with minimal editing no overlays shot in standard profile with no color correction for $175. Tier 2 is $225 includes overlays, some color correction and more detailed editing. Tier 3 is $275-$400. This allows the customer direct input to the details of the shooting and editing. Always consult with the agent/customer to find out what they want or expect from the video. Try not to do more that the customer wants to pay for the job.

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