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The Transformation of Everything

I see a lot of intentional misinformation about cryptocurrency on YouTube. There is a disgusting sort of attempted mental manipulation going on there by people in order to try to convince people that competitor coins are inferior. People are advised to invest in this one but not in that one. The truth is that this kind of manipulative behavior is unhealthy and goes against the stated goals of cryptocurrency itself. The goals of freedom and a more unencumbered lifestyle are ideals that should be governing our actions on YouTube. Greed and deception are things to be gotten rid of. The fact is that for the next few years there is going to be so much money flowing into the space that you could almost throw a dart at a list of cryptos, invest in the one it lands on and make money. I watch Vitalik Buterin bashing xrp by calling it a "shitcoin." Entreprenow advises against holding Litecoin long term even though grayscale has bought a huge amount that it makes clients hold for a minimum of one year. Etherium and Bitcoin hodlers bash Cardano and Polkadot hodlers and vice versa. Folks, live and let live. Kick back and chill. It's all good. There's enough turkey on the table for all of us.

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