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DJI vs Skydio Which is better?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

That's sort of a matter of opinion. Most pro's would say DJI. The occasional rebel might protest the contenders and insist upon Autel Robotics - EVO. Here's why I like Skydio.

It's easy to remember the days just after High School. Going to College and signing up for classes. The cool kids were taking photography and learning to work a camera. They learned what the settings were and what they did. Not me I learned about volcanoes, rocks and law enforcement.

When I got my Mavic Pro a gigillian years later I discovered two major problems. Problem one was the inability to fly the drone without crashing it in to something. I hit trees, walls, chairs and cars. It was in an attempt to avoid collisions that made my flight technique kind of slow and boring.

The second problem was all the camera settings. My videos were out of focus. The idea that there could be Troglodytes somewhere building modern tech with cameras that needed to be hand focused was extremely aggravating. I once drove to the southern part of my state to shoot some video. My state is very big. After many hours of driving, and obtaining permission from some trusting soul, to fly my UAV beside a giant, probably multi-million dollar statue only to discover later that the resulting video was extremely blurry was soul wrenching. Also, there are the filters. There is the plastic shield that prevents the sun from washing out the image. There are the settings for color and making the shot lighter or darker. I'm sure those of you that mastered it all are feeling very special right now.

My Skydio is the great equalizer. You're not better than me you detail oriented, scholarly, proficient camera operators. I can make something awesome too.

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