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14 Year Girl Sex




A: There is not a clear 'definition' of "statutory rape" in most states. It is generally used for rape, statutory rape is usually a charge for people under the age of 18 having sex with people over 18. It is very rare for a state to criminalize sexual activity with minors over the age of 16. If you are having sex with someone under the age of 16 you will most likely be prosecuted for statutory rape. It does not seem to be a very common offense but since it is usually a felony it would be reported. It also depends on the state as to whether it is a criminal offense. A: The American Criminal Justice System: There are a number of different types of offense that could have been committed. A violation of the law could be for example: Statutory Rape - Applies when the parties are under 18 Stated as 18 or older sex with a minor under 16 is rape Statutory sexual assault - Applies when the parties are under 18 Stated as 18 or older sex with a minor under 16 is rape Some other examples of an offense could include but are not limited to: Rape Prostitution Obstruction of justice The law concerning what is considered a misdemeanor or felony is strictly defined and would be very different depending on the circumstances. The type of crime would be a felony if the victim was: A child under 14 years old A victim who was 12 years old or less A victim who was 13 to 16 years old Statutory Rape is the most common example of an offense that is considered a felony and the most common example for a misdemeanor. Sex Offenses have other terms that you may encounter. Some terms could be: Criminal Offenses - these are offenses that are criminal and punishable by a court. Felony - Criminal offenses punishable by jail time or prison. Misdemeanor - Offenses punishable by jail time but less than a year. Juvenile - Offenses committed by children between the ages of 12 and 18. First-degree Sexual Assault - First-degree sexual assault is an offense that occurs when the victim is a person under the age of sixteen and the perpetrator is at least two years older than the victim. Second-degree Sexual Assault - Second-degree




14 Year Girl Sex

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